4/30/2004 - What is the #1 cause of disease & illness today?   Print  E-mail 

As many doctors will confirm, up to 95% of all illness and disease in this country today is caused by stress.  Stress lowers our immune system and makes us more susceptible to illness and disease.  Identifying what causes stress helps, such as financial stress and problems with relationships.  If you’ve ever lost a relationship with someone you love, you know what I mean, but it doesn’t have to be a relationship you lost due to death.


Estrangement from our parents, siblings, and other close family members can be just as stressful as losing a loved one through death. This is especially true when you want to mend the relationship, but they steadfastly refuse. Unlike a death, where nothing can be done to bring the beloved back, broken relationships with loved ones can be mended, so long as both parties are willing to communicate in a mutually respectful and honest manner. Lies and manipulating the truth have no place in any worthwhile relationship.

So how are the relationships in your life?  Do they help to alleviate the stress in your life, or do they contribute to it? Could you use some expert advice on communicating more truthfully in your relationships? If so, read what Carol the Coach, our resident psychotherapist has to say on the “Sandwich Generation” (click here). Another major stressor is money. How financially fit are you? Do you take your retirement for granted, just like your health? If so, talk to an estate/trust attorney who will give you a free consultation and tips on getting into financial shape today to reduce stress and prevent disease in the future (click here).

Speaking of shape, do you find yourself eating when you're stressed? If that’s you, I highly recommend a new product that's getting rave reviews from "emotional eaters". Try JavaSoy, a new soy-based beverage that has 5 grams of protein and can help stave off hunger during those times when you feel like eating due to stress - not hunger (click here).

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